How to Build Mentally Tough Players

Mental toughness is probably one of the more difficult concepts to teach when it comes to softball coaching. For one, unlike teaching players how to swing the bat or throw the ball, a coach cannot simply demonstrate to players how it is to be mentally tough.

Another thing is that just like habits, a person's way of thinking isn't something that's easy to change or reverse. So if for example you have a player who's naturally shy, it may be quite a challenge to tell her to put on a game face when she's already on the field.

But you cannot deny the importance of having mentally tough players. These players are those are confident enough to face opponents on the field, never backs down in the face of adversity and never bends to pressure especially in very important games.

If you want to have mentally tough players, here are some softball coaching tips I have for you:

Let them be Aware of their Body Language

Mental toughness may be in the realm of the mind, but it sure does manifest itself on how your players carry themselves.

Take a good look at your players when they're on the field. See how what signals you pick up from their body language. If you see anyone slouching, lacking intensity in their moves, idly carrying their bats, call their attention. These valentino uk sale are sure signs that they lack mental toughness. And when your opponents pick these signs up, they'll surely eat your players alive.

So you must teach them how to change their body language when they are on the field. When they're batting, teach them how to carry their bats confidently while they're on their way to the plate. Let them stand tall when they're walking. These things will surely have a psychological effect on your opponents.

Let them Overcome the Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is one of the biggest enemies your players will have. It prevents them from trying to hit the ball one more time, steal a base, or try to be better at their game.

So give your players enough leeway to commit mistakes during practice and during the game. And make those mistakes an opportunity not to shout at them or berate, but to show them how they can improve further.

Let them Mentally Prepare for the Game

Another secret of mentally tough players is that they're mentally prepared to play the game. So they're prepared for whatever comes their way.

Teach your players to develop a routine that will help them loosen up and develop their game face before every game. That way, they're all psychologically prepared for what's in store for them once they step on the plate.

These three things: body language, overcoming the fear of failure, mentally preparing for the game, are just some of the most effective ways of helping your players develop their mental toughness.


Remind them always that softball is both a physical and mental game. Show them how their mind works can affect the way they play the game, as well as the way their opponents see them. And over time, you will hopefully develop them well enough to create better and more confident players out of them.